Wondering most desirable country for International Students; None other than Canada, Why?

Canada comes on the list of one of the most educated countries in the world and also is the topmost preferred country for International students as it comes with the following added “Benefit Tags” they are –

Visa process proficiency: Even Canada offers ease in VISA process under SDS Category which is a systematized and easy process with low documentation and Quick results with providing results in 5-10 working days from the filling of Visa Application. However, it can too take up to 3 months to process the Visa. Furthermore, there is also a certain Eligibility criterion under this Visa Category. Study Visa is the most crucial factor in 2017 70% of the student’s mobility was based on Study Visa whilst Work Visa is a less concerned factor.

Quality of Education: World-class universities and colleges are there in Canada with providing varied courses to be handy at. Also, a Canadian degree, diploma or certificate is equivalent to those obtained from the United States. According to THE Rankings, the top 5 Universities in Canada are the University of Toronto, University of British Columbia, McGill University, McMaster University, and the University of Montreal. Undoubtedly, the top 20 Universities of the world are from the US or UK but the 22nd is of Canada i.e., the University of Toronto offering enriched Quality of Education and enrolling 69427 students out of which 17% are International students. If you are planning to study or work in Toronto, it would be of surprise to hear about the fourth annual Toronto Newcomer Day approaching on 29th May 2018 as a welcoming approach for newcomers to Toronto.

Lower Tuition Fees: There are colleges and universities in Canada that have Lower Tuition fees. For instance, Seneca College with a longstanding reputation for innovation and research charges fees for Bachelor courses to International tuition 11,970 CAD or St. Clair College located at Ontario charges International tuition as 12,280 CAD. 3rd best research college in the country is George Brown College.

Affordability and Safety: From last two years student’s mobility concern for Canada’s safety criterion has seen a rise of 10% proficiency which was a continuation in 2017 as well and is expected to be the same for coming years and in against if we consider financial base of Canada has seen less concern for students which is a good point. Concerns for personal safety have made the United States and the United Kingdom less desirable options for international students.

Employment Opportunities: Canada, unlike UK or US, offers to its international students to work off-campus as well during their studies with a limit of 20 hours a fortnight.

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